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In this guide we cover all types of websites for online shopping in Hungary, from clothing, groceries to electronics and second-hand goods.

Hungary is a great place to buy things online, be it clothes or electronics, prices in Hungary can be lower than neighboring countries.

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About online shopping Hungary

Online shopping Hungary has seen a steady increase in the prevalence of domestic online shopping in recent years.

According to the study, consumer electronics, ICT, and apparel and sportswear are the top three product categories in Hungary. Building and renovating have the highest shopping cart value, online shopping for groceries the lowest.

In 2021, a survey revealed that around 40% of Hungarian participants had made an online clothing purchase in the previous year, which was the largest product category at the time.

In the same period, 26% of Hungarians surveyed had bought cosmetics online. Only 21% of respondents have never bought anything in the categories offered.

Between 2010 and 2021, the percentage of Hungarians shopping online increased dramatically. By 2021, the percentage of people shopping online will have exceeded 70%.

In January 2022, retail sales in Hungary grew by 4.1% year-on-year, down from the 6.3% increase in the previous month. Products other than food, beverages and tobacco (0.1% down from 2.7% in December) and automotive gasoline (6.4% down from 8.8%) also saw sales declines (10.7% vs. 11.6%) .

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Most Hungarians prefer to pay by credit card through a banking system when shopping on Hungarian online shopping sites, however, cash on delivery payment is still popular.

A typical internet shop in Hungary offers four different payment methods. Cash on delivery and bank transfer are the most common options.

General Hungarian online shopping websites

Psst, yes you! Are you looking for one-stop online shops in Hungary? look no further We got you (*wink*)!

Enjoy the best online shopping in Hungary. Here you will find all kinds of products, brands, fashion and more.

  1. Product finder

As the leading price and product comparison site in Hungary, Árukereso has served millions of customers and retailers since its launch in 2004. If you are looking for a specific product, you will find it here.

Due to the latest update, items from April 2015 can now be purchased directly from Árukereso without having to navigate to the shop.

They have the widest range of products to buy online in Hungary in one place on the online marketplace, which they offer in a different way that they should be proud of.

Árukereso's goal is to collect and provide customers with item and price comparisons so that they can choose the best deal based on what matters most to them.

  1. eMag

eMAG is currently a major player in the Hungarian online shopping market. In addition to clothing, it offers a wide range of technical items and household appliances in more than 20 different categories.

eMAG was founded in 2001 with the aim of creating a website that would serve as an alternative to traditional retail outlets.

Since then the company has grown exponentially and is now one of the largest online retailers in Hungary and other European countries such as HungaryBulgaria.

Thanks to its large variety of products and low prices, eMAG has developed into a one-stop shop for all purchasing needs.

Since its inception in the 2000s, eMAG has maintained its position as one of the leading e-commerce retailers in Eastern Europe by constantly improving its services and increasing the number of products offered.

Best Websites for Online Shopping in Hungary 2023 - Shoponlina (2)

Grocery delivery services in Hungary

Are you in the mood for street food or maybe you're dreaming of a giant dancing slice of pizza? Order online from the best Hungarian restaurants near you and have your food delivered to your home.

  1. eating pandas

Food Panda has over 6,000 members across the country! You can count on them for a quick bite for breakfast, a candlelit dinner for two, around-the-house errands, or a late-night snack.

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Contactless delivery and online advance payment from Foodpanda guarantee maximum security. They frequently give you discounts, promotions, coupons, and fun games.

To make ordering even more convenient, you can save your credit card information and multiple shipping addresses (e.g. home and work address) in your account. Benefit from Apple Pay or use your SZÉP card!

Use foodpanda's referral program to earn coupons for you and your friends! They also offer a live chat service to help you immediately if you need it.

  1. Wolt

Almost everyone knows Wolt. They are a Helsinki-based internet company best known for their meal delivery service.

If you fancy a delicious meal, you can order it from one of their restaurant partners and pick it up yourself, or have one of their partners bring it to you.

Your Wolt delivery service is now available at almost every grocery store, retail store or boutique in town. This is something they are getting more and more recognition for when shopping online in Hungary and other countries.

Wolt debuted in Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 2015 and has worked with 10 different restaurants.

After seven years, they have grown to 23 countries and more than 250 cities, serving millions of consumers with more than 100,000 courier partners and tens of thousands of restaurant and retail partners.

Wolt is great as they require their delivery people to sanitize their hands before handling food and they have most of the restaurants.

Despite the high delivery fees, there's a nice game you can enjoy while you wait for your food. They can also simply reward you for being a member and placing an order.

Hungary online shopping Electronics Stores

Find the best deals on electronics, home appliances and other products in the best online shopping electronics stores in Hungary. Get the latest electronics and more delivered to your door from your favorite online stores.

  1. Alza

Alza is a web-based retail store. It is one of the leading online shops for consumer electronics in Central Europe. There are also extensive areas for toys, hobbies, media and entertainment as well as perfumes, watches and cosmetics.

Their goal is to offer the best customer service and lowest prices in Europe with a large product inventory and a wide range of exclusive services.

It operates a chain of stores of the same name, Alzasoft was the company's name when it was founded in 1994.

There were 49 AlzaBoxes and 78 retailers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and HungaryAustriaab 2018.

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Alza is famous among Budapest's online shopping websites, but that's not all. There are showrooms in the cities of Prague, Bratislava and Budapest where you can view the collection.

  1. Euronik

Euronics is a global group of national distributors operating in EMEA and CIS countries using an omnichannel strategy to offer customers mainstream electronic products.

The company was founded in 1990 by five entrepreneurs who recognized that providing the right products and services to the consumer electronics industry was changing significantly, and who anticipated the need to develop synergies to provide exceptional customer service and support with the latest products .

Euronics has grown into one of the largest retail organizations in the world, operating in most major EMEA and CIS countries through a vast network of physical and virtual stores under the global Euronics name as well as a number of strong historical national brands.

Euronics has grown year after year since its inception, even in times of global economic downturn. Today it is one of the most successful companies in the Hungarian online shopping industry.

Online-Second-Hand-Shop Ungarn

We reveal the best online shopping websites in Hungary selling second hand goods at great prices!

You can buy or sell any item you want on these fantastic sites.

  1. Good catch

Since 2010, Jófogás, a Hungarian classifieds online shopping website, has been operating in Hungarian online retail.

The brand is owned by Adevinta, a Spanish company that connects internet markets. There are about 2 million ads on the site, reaching more than 2 million people every month.

Placing ads on the site is generally free and does not require registration. User ads are carefully evaluated and reviewed within the site policies.

This strategy aims to keep the website free from illegal content. The site also allows you to filter by area or category. Some of the functions of the website are accessible for a fee.

As a customer, you can search by car, real estate, job or any other category, select a location or search by country!

As a provider, you can place an ad easily, quickly and regionally. Make it more attractive by highlighting it!

  1. luxury vintage

For over a decade, Luxury Vintage by Andrea Mihok and Krisztina Usikova has been a one-stop shop for the most coveted fresh and vintage clothing and accessories from the most in-demand brands.

When it comes to consignment shops, Luxury Vintage has been one of Budapest's best kept secrets as an online shop in the consignment industry since it opened.

Luxury Vintage is based in Budapest, Hungary which is visited by some of the hottest and hippest ladies in the world as it has recently become one of the top European travel destinations and where many films from all over the world are filmed.

Popular names like Chanel, Hermes and Balmain have discovered that it is one of Budapest's best hidden gems as an online thrift store in Hungary.

Online Grocery Stores Hungary Websites

Let us take you on a journey through Hungary's best online shopping deals. You can buy groceries in Hungary with the best grocery websites and you will find the widest range of Hungarian products.

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Best Websites for Online Shopping in Hungary 2023 - Shoponlina (3)
  1. Penny Market

PENNY MARKET, a subsidiary of the REWE Group, has more than 15,000 sales outlets in 20 European countries and currently employs almost 330,000 people.

PENNY's activities extend beyond Hungary to the Czech Republic,Deutschland,Italyand Romania.

Hungary has 227 retail stores. The first store was opened on June 6, 1996 in Szentes. The company's headquarters are located in the Alsónémedi Center in Budapest. "

The PENNY discount chain is the oldest in Hungary. Around 2,000 products are always in stock, almost two thirds of which come from Hungarian suppliers.

Seasonal items (e.g., cookware, pet accessories, housewares) are regularly updated and seasonal products are regularly launched (fresh baked goods and the Lactose Free Sissy line).

On their Hungary online shopping website, they offer a wide range of dairy, cold cuts and fresh baked goods, as well as their own selection of branded products in different categories.

  1. Tesco

Based in Szombathely, western Hungary, S-Market was acquired by Tesco on November 23, 1994 and the company opened its first Hungarian store on November 23, 1994. It opened its first Hungarian hypermarket in 1996 in the Polus Center in Budapest.

Tesco has more than 200 stores in Hungary and more are on the way. Clothing and personal financial services are also available from Tesco Hungary. Tesco Extra Fogarasi opened in Zugló, Budapest in August 2010 and is Budapest's first Tesco Extra. In 2012 a new Tesco Extra store was opened in Debrecen, Hungary.

Online clothing store Hungary

It's time to treat yourself to some stunning outfits from online clothing stores in Hungary.

Our guide to online shopping in Hungary made it easy for you to choose your favorite online clothing store in Hungary.

  1. Bonprix

Bonprix is ​​a global fashion retailer headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. They take inspiration from catwalks around the world and translate them into a line that can be worn on any occasion, in any size and style.

Bonprix customers visit their online sites around the world, including their Happy online shopping site in Hungary as well as their permanent locations in Germany, and browse their catalogs to keep up with what's new from Bonprix based on their five own brands and monthly there collections.

According to the report "E-Commerce-Markt Deutschland 2015" by the EHI Retail Institute/Statista, Bonprix is ​​one of the 10 most popular online retailers in Germany.

At the same time, bonprix is ​​one of the main companies in the Otto Group. They are also a great success in Europe, North and South America and are present in 29 countries.

  1. Fashion Take

In the last eight years, FashionDays has served more than 700,000 customers in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

You can always trust them when it comes to fashion as they offer thousands of products from a variety of world-renowned brands on their online store and mobile app.

Because they understand how difficult it can be to narrow down your choices when everyone has their own fashion sense and ideas, they bring you new fashion ideas, latest trends and style tips every day! Just sign up for your email address and you'll be notified of new fashion trends and hot deals every day.

For those who already know what they are looking for, the courier will be with you in no time with your prized piece. If you prefer, you can pick up your purchase at one of the many distribution centers.

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After you receive the item, you can open it and check the contents, and if it doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it for free! Visit your Hungarian online shopping store now and enjoy the variety of products and incredible offers!


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