Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (2023)

Just want to grab your suitcase and fly somewhere? Don't you really care where you go as long as it's cheap and takes you far away from where you are now?

We won some pointsfantastic offersUse airline ticket search engines that allow you to enter the city (or country) of departure and search for itcheap flightsDoalmost all tourist destinations in the world. This is perfect if you're looking for flights without a specific destination in mind.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (1)

Updated in 2022! We still prefer Skyscanner and Google Flights over other search engines - read on to find out why.

Want to get started now?Click here to search on Skyscanner, and be sure to type "Everywhere" in the Destination field to find itcheap flights anywhere in the world.

With these hacks we found outcheap one-way flightsfrom Cancun (Mexico) to Madrid (Spain) for a total of $160. Also, we just booked a one-way flight from Istanbul (Turkey) to Toronto (Canada) for only $288 including taxes and fees

That's less than your average domestic flight within Canada. Use these tips to find the cheapest flights from NYC to anywhere, or indeed from any city or country!

travel advice!If you want to protect your privacy on public WiFi in coffee shops, airports, and hotels, consider getting a VPN. using aA VPN can help you get cheaper flights, if used correctly, even if you are arguingSurfshark vs Pia.

I use one tooVPN (virtual private network)to access websites for individual countries. As a Canadian, many websites from the US are blocked in Canada (and elsewhere outside the US). To solve this, I use a VPN to trick a US-based website into thinking I'm surfing from the US. With a VPN, I can access those websites as if I were in the US.

A VPN can be set up on a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. It protects your privacy on public WiFi and even lets you stream your favorite TV shows from home.

See VPN prices for private internet access and more.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere

Sound interesting? In this post we say:

  • Tell us how we find itcheap flights everywhere(And no, none of these companies paid us to write this post).
  • Check out the main flight search engines that you can use to search from your departure city (or country).without specifying a specific goal.You can use this feature toSearch for cheap flights by date, not destination.

Let's start! Make sure your passport is up to date, get a visa (For more information follow the link), and let's book that flight!


Let's start with what we think is the best search engine for finding cheap flights anywhere:Skyscanner. To find cheap flights anywhere from your destination, just leave it at thatDoIn the Skyscanner search, enter a blank field (or type "everywhere"). This is really easy to findthe last momentCheap flights everywhere!

Click here to search on Skyscanner.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (2)

Skyscannerlet's seemonthly fee, which can save you a lot of money with flexible appointments. You can also see the cheapest month.

To view flights for the entire month or to select the cheapest month, simply click in the Departures box.

Skyscanner Explore also allows you to enter a country name in the From field to find cheap airfares from any city in the country.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (3)

Skyscanner map search.This is one of our favorite features on Skyscanner and is a huge help in showing you how to find cheap flights anywhere. On the Skyscanner page (Click here to search on Skyscanner), scroll down and click on the map to see the price map and explore cheap flights.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (4)

Then simply select your departure city or airport and date. You can only select fares for one month, but this airfare tab is a great way to view cheap flights to any destination in the world.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (5)

Free apps:We also use the Skyscanner app for iPhone to find Skyscanner flights anywhere. The app appears to have almost all the features on the website, including the ability to search for flights to any location within a month. It also has a cool interactive cheap flights map that shows prices for cities around the world. The application is available for iPhone, iPad, etcGoogle Play, and Amazon apps.

Listed pricesSkyscannerbased on the data of the previous flight search. This means that when you click the price search link, your new search prices may differ from the first prices you saw. When you actually book, prices may also change.

What we don't like:The prices you see first are not always the final prices you pay, as they come from previous searches by Skyscanner users.

Our opinion:Best of all.Skyscanneris easy to use, we found the prices shown to be generally accurate, and there's even a well-designed app. I like that. It's also a great tool for quickly finding cheap alternative routes to your destination and finding cheap flights without having a specific destination in mind.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (6)

Explore kayaking

The Kayak Explore tool is specially designed to search for flights to any location. To find Kayak flights anywhere, enter your departure city and select "Anytime".

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (7)

Kayak's researchThe tool lets you search for airfares for different seasons, such as spring or winter, making it a great tool for long-term planning.

The results are displayed on the map. You can easily see flight prices to different regions or even the whole world at once by dragging and zooming.

Kayak Explore has some fun search filters that allow you to see fights only by time and activity (golf, gambling, etc.). You can even narrow your results down by budget. It is among the best search engines for cheap flights, but it is not perfect.

Note:Kayak Explore flight card prices are based on flights found on Kayak in the last 48 hours. When you actually book, prices may vary.

Free apps:Kayak has a free app for iPhone, iPad and Android. You can use the Explore Kayak map feature by clicking Explore the World on the home screen.

What we don't like:We don't like that the Explore tool only lists return tickets, making it difficult to plan multi-leg trips. What we also don't like is that Kayak Explore doesn't show all flights from a specific country. Instead, you can search only in specific cities.

Our opinion.Very good. We like the map view of prices and the fun search options, but we don't like that it only lists return tickets (Kayak Explore One Way doesn't work) and that it doesn't find the cheapest flights from a specific date or country.

Google flights

Google flights research mapsis fast becoming one of our favorite ways to find cheap flights anywhere in the world.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (8)

It's fast, the prices are fair, but it just doesn't offer enough functionality to find random cheap destinations. The main disadvantage is that you have to enter the departure date and you cannot search for the cheapest flights for a whole month or a whole year.

There is one annoying feature that I wish they would fix; If you're on the Explore map and you see a date in the return field, you can't delete it. Instead, you have to go back to the main menuGoogle flightspage and re-enter your search without a return date to see one-way flights.

What we like:It's fast and the prices are among the most accurate. There are about a million filters, which can be useful if you are picky about price, number of stops, flight duration, etc.

What we don't like:You have to give the exact date of departure which is annoying. You also can't search for airfares from across the country, which can be handy if your departure location is flexible.

Our opinion:Not bad. It's not good enough to deviate fromSkyscanneras our top pick for finding the cheapest flights anywhere today, but it's getting closer.

Escape from MIT

There is a relative newcomer to the flight search engine field called Escape atwww.greatescape.coit is worth mentioning. It was developed by the MIT Senseable City Laboratory in Singapore.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (9)

It's a good choice if you're a visual person because it shows flight prices on an interactive map. Escape Searches searches both Kiwi and Skyscanner for rewards.

You can search for a departure point anywhere in the world and then view the prices on the map. You can search by return trip or by fixed or flexible dates. You can also enter the duration of the trip from 1 to 31 days.

The flexible date feature is very handy as you can choose months to search or just a few days, whatever you prefer.

The main disadvantage of Escape is that you have to enter a specific departure city, which makes your search a little less flexible.

I tried Escape, compared it to Google Flights, and found that Google Flights was able to find the cheapest flight in the three tests I ran. I also had trouble clicking through to get flight information.

Other search engines

we useSkyscannerand sometimes Google Flights is used almost exclusively to search for flights from a specific destination to anywhere.

However, there are several other flight search engines that do a similar job (although not nearly as well). We have listed them here only for completeness.

Kiwi.comthe name is unknown to most. However, it has a good map-based search function and we find it quite useful for "I'll be looking everywhere for flights" Hang on. You can select your departure airport and select "Anywhere" in the "To:" field. You can enter a custom date range that allows you to search by week, month or any date range. You can also select "Anytime" to find the cheapest flight for any date. You can search for return flights or return flights. This is useful for finding cheap flights from your city to any destination.

Click here to search from

The airfares listed there seem to be generally accurate, although you can almost always find more accurate fares on Google Flights or directly with the airline.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (10)

What we don't like:We noticed that the speed of the map display varies a lot.Some days the results seemed lightning fast, others were frustratingly slow even though our internet speeds were consistently high.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (11)

Our opinion:Not bad. It's not good enough to deviate fromSkyscanneror Google flights.

FareCompare - an alternative to kayak research

Kao Kayak Explore,FareCompareallows you to search ticket prices from a specific departure location to any location.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (12)

The problem is that we found FareCompare to be slower and offer fewer features than Kayak Explore or Skyscanner.

What we don't like:We find FareCompare search to be slow and we don't like that you can only search from specific cities, as it doesn't allow you to search to or from specific countries or regions. Once you have selected the airline ticket you are interested in, finding that flight can be difficult as it opens several windows to other popular websites like Expedia.

Our opinion:Too limited and just another interface for more popular search sites.


Momondo has long been a favorite of travel hackers and bloggers for its apparent ability to search for multiple low-cost airlines.

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (13)

You now have an Anywhere search, but you must enter a departure date. You can see the results in a list, but there aren't many filters or options. It's fine, but there's no reason to prefer it over Skyscanner or Google Flights.

What we don't like:The big disadvantage is that you have to specify the date of departure, which means that you can't search for the cheapest ticket for a whole month or a whole year.

What a budget

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (14)

What a budgetallows you to search for cheap random flights from any city or country to any location with the cheapest airfares. It's fast and allows you to search from various international destinations. It was also the only search engine that allowed us to put "anywhere" in the "departure" field. This is useful if your departure city or country is flexible but you know your destination.

What we don't like:Unfortunately, the results are cluttered, the text is hard to read, and you can't sort the results so that the lowest price is displayed first. It was not easy for us to use at all.

Our opinion:It also looks ugly, with poor result sorting, small text and below-average results. It's not our preferred way to search for flights by date rather than by destination, or, well, any other way.

flight guard dog

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (15)

flight guard dogis probably the easiest of all search engines that you can use to find a flight to any destination. It only lets you search from a specific airport (not even a city, but a specific airport) and doesn't offer many useful filters.

What we don't like:The functionality is limited and it's annoying that it keeps asking for your name and email address to sign up and receive low price alerts.

Our opinion:Not bad for simple searches where you have a destination, but not good for finding a flight if you don't know your final destination. It can be useful for email alerts when you want to go to a certain place and are just waiting for a good deal.


That was thenDrungli-WebsiteDrungli let me take me everywhere. Unfortunately, it no longer works and therefore behaves like a normal search engine.

summarize something

Skyscannerand Google Flights Map search are useful to get an idea of ​​the cost of flying to different places in the world. If you can't think of these three and you have a little time, check out the others for cheap flights to any destination.

Click here to search on Skyscanner.

However, once you've used one of these to select cheap destinations (and dates), it's worth comparing those flights with some low-cost airlines that don't appear in many search engines. You also need to compare the airline's hidden surcharges such as baggage fees and special taxes.

Baggage and seat fees are calculated differently by different airlines, and many of these search tools don't always take these costs into account.

Business Class Consolidator offers discounts on business class tickets to any destination in the world and on all major airlines.Cheap business class flights- Save up to 72% on premium travel. Contact our travel experts today and get access to discounted flight deals.

Are you ready to say, "fly me anywhere„?

For more tips on finding a great deal, check out ourSix quick steps to the cheapest flight.

Did you like this article? CashAdvanced flight hack: How to save money if your departure location is flexible.We are working on more items to save you money –SapplyReceive our new blog posts by emailda ti ne fali

Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (16)
Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (17)
Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere (18)


Here's how to find the cheapest flights anywhere? ›

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically. The cheapest days to depart if you're flying within the U.S. are midweek — generally Tuesday or Wednesday. For economy tickets, Tuesdays are about 24% lower than peak prices on Sundays, which translates to savings of about $85 per ticket.

How can I find the lowest airfare possible? ›

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Flights in 2022
  • Ignore the Myths.
  • Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates and Times.
  • Be Flexible with Your Destinations.
  • Keep an Eye for Special Deals.
  • Fly Budget Carriers.
  • Don't Always Fly Direct.
  • Remember Not All Search Engines are Equal.
  • Take Advantage of Student Discounts.
Jun 7, 2023

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday? ›

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically. The cheapest days to depart if you're flying within the U.S. are midweek — generally Tuesday or Wednesday. For economy tickets, Tuesdays are about 24% lower than peak prices on Sundays, which translates to savings of about $85 per ticket.

How do I search anywhere on Skyscanner? ›

Not sure where to go? Start with searching 'Explore Everywhere'
  1. Enter your local airport, or enter an entire country (e.g. United Kingdom) for even more flexibility and price points.
  2. Type 'Everywhere' into the destination box: you'll find this option in the drop-down list too.
  3. Choose your dates.
May 25, 2023

What time do flight prices drop on Tuesday? ›

Tuesday Around Midnight is the Cheapest Time to Book

In general, flights were slightly cheaper at midnight earlier in the week (Monday through Wednesday). However, this is only applicable to about 1.6% of U.S. markets, meaning that it's not likely you'll find the same savings on your specific route.

What day is airfare the cheapest? ›

Since Wednesdays tend to be the cheapest day to fly, see if you can tweak your travel plans so you depart and fly home during the week instead of on weekend days.

What is the most expensive airline in the US? ›

"I do think Delta goes a step above and beyond," Kelly said. "They're also the most expensive airline, and they're profitable.

What are the most safest low-cost airlines? ›

World's Best Low-Cost Airlines 2023
  • AirAsia.
  • Scoot.
  • IndiGo.
  • Flynas.
  • Volotea.
  • Transavia France.
  • Sun Country Airlines.
  • Southwest Airlines.

What state has cheapest flights? ›

New Jersey happens to be the cheapest state to fly out of nationally with an average domestic flight price of just $205.60, according to a study by loan company NetCredit that was shared with Travel + Leisure.

Is it OK to book flight through Skyscanner? ›

Look no further. If you're wondering, “Is Skyscanner reliable?” the answer is a resounding yes. With over 100 million satisfied customers every month, it's the ultimate metasearch engine for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Is it OK to buy ticket from Skyscanner? ›

Is It Safe and Legit to Book a Flight Through Skyscanner? Yes, it is safe to book a flight directly through Skyscanner. If you are directed to the travel provider's website, you will be booking with a legitimate travel provider and/or agent.

Is Skyscanner still the best? ›

Skyscanner is the world's best flight, hotel, and car hire search engine. It has everything you need to find your perfect travel deal – whether you're looking for a last-minute getaway or planning a trip months in advance.

What is the cheapest month to fly? ›

High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is January.

What time of day is best to book flights? ›

The process is largely controlled by computer software and is increasingly being bolstered by AI, so price changes can happen at any second. That's why there's no specific time of day — or even a specific day of the week, for that matter — that's best for booking cheap flights.

Is it cheaper to do last minute flights? ›

Is it cheaper to book a flight at the last minute? We've said this before, but it's worth repeating at the outset—no, it's really not cheaper to book a flight at the last minute. Yes, last minute travelers used to score the occasional fare so low it might have induced shock, but that's no longer the case.

Do flight prices go up when you search? ›

No, your search history doesn't affect flight prices.

"We run thousands of searches every day, day after day. If prices were rising based on those previous searches, we'd see it."

What is the most expensive day to fly? ›

According to Google, fares are less expensive if you fly in the middle of the week, rather than on the weekend. Over the past five years, flights that took off Monday to Wednesday were, on average, 12% to 20% cheaper than weekend flights. Sundays are a particularly expensive day to depart, Google said.

What days of the week are flights cheaper? ›

Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is the cheapest day to fly. If you can structure your travel schedule around these days, these will likely be the best days to fly – both for a lower cost and a less-hectic airport experience.

How far out should you book flights? ›

It's ideal to search for airfare at these moments: International airfare: 6 weeks ahead. Domestic airfare in summer: 47 days ahead. Domestic airfare in autumn and winter: 62–69 days ahead.

What days are cheapest to fly Delta? ›

Fares are usually lower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and highest on Fridays and Sundays. Flights later in the evening are also usually lower demand. Search nearby area airports. Low fares sold out at one airport, may be available at another nearby airport.

Is Southwest cheaper on Tuesdays? ›

Unlike some airlines that rarely offer sales on fares, Southwest regularly puts flights on sale. Pretty much every Tuesday, in fact. The sales typically apply to cash bookings as well as redeeming Southwest points.

What seats on a plane are the best? ›

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and anywhere close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can debark as quickly as possible on arrival.

What is the No 1 airlines in US? ›

The ranking takes into account factors such as reliability, affordability, loyalty programs and customer experience. Despite a slight drop in its score compared to last year, Delta remains the best-performing airline.

What is America's #1 airline? ›

Delta Air Lines is ranked No. 1 for best in premium economy, with a score of 848.

Which airline has the least problems? ›

Delta is the most reliable airline mostly because it didn't have any denied boardings over the past year. It also had the second lowest share of delayed flights, just 11.5%,” says Gonzalez. “At the opposite end, Frontier had the most denied boardings and the second largest share of delayed flights, over 23%.”

What is the least reliable airline? ›

U.S. travelers report that American Airlines is the most unreliable airline in the world when measured by the total flight problems and reported complaints in 2022. American is also the world's largest airline, so this finding may not surprise frequent flyers. However, the other results are fascinating.

Which airline has the least number of crashes? ›

Singapore Airlines is universally lauded for its high-quality service and efficient operations, and also enjoys a reputation as one of the world's safest airlines since it has been accident-free since 2000. Review: read here my review of Singapore Airlines' new First Class in an Airbus A380.

Where are the cheapest places to fly right now in us? ›

The US Destinations with the Most Cheap Flights in 2022
  1. The Hawaiian islands. Deals sent Dec 2021-May 2022: 125.
  2. New York metropolitan area, New York. ...
  3. Greater Los Angeles, California. ...
  4. Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ...
  5. San Francisco Bay Area, California. ...
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada. ...
  7. Washington, DC. ...
  8. Boston, Massachusetts. ...

What is the most expensive state to fly to? ›

The most expensive state for vacationers remains Hawaii at $518 per day. Other destinations with a high average daily cost include the District of Columbia, $441; Rhode Island, $307; New York, $307; and Massachusetts, $303.

What is the cheapest month to fly to the states? ›

The off-season months for travelling to the United States are typically January, February, and October. These months are considered off-season because they are not peak travel times and therefore offer cheaper flight prices.

Is it safe to book flights on Google? ›

Google acts only as an intermediary to securely pass your info to the airline or travel agency and isn't a party to the transaction. If you're logged in to your Google Account, you can complete the booking quickly and securely with the contact and payment info stored in your account.

What is the meaning of Skyscanner? ›

Skyscanner is a travel search engine, meaning that we search hundreds of airlines, hotel, car rental and travel agency websites to bring all the options in one place. In other words, we're a comparison website. We think this makes booking your travel easier, because it helps you find the best deal for you.

How reliable is Kayak? ›

Kayak is just as reliable as other travel search engines, so there's no need to wonder, "can I trust Kayak?" In reality, it can often be more reliable than third-party booking sites since its users are driven to individual travel providers for booking.

How much does Skyscanner charge? ›

Our goal is to make the fares you see as transparent as possible. This means we don't take any kind of fee or influence your search results in any way. We pull the prices you see directly from each individual travel agency or airline's website to tell you exactly what it would cost to book the flight through them.

Do all airlines show on Skyscanner? ›

But on, every search scours all the airlines and brings you the best deal, whether it's flying out and back with the same airline or mixing it up – or even flying into and out of different airports.

Is Justfly com a legitimate site? ›

In general, Justfly is a con-artist and scam that should be avoided. Although, Justfly was going to refund the money, they charged 200.00 in processing fees. Plus it takes six weeks to have the money be put back on your credit card. Hopefully, people will avoid this company, and Just fly will go out of Business.

What are the weaknesses of Skyscanner? ›

  • Redirects you to a third-party site to complete your actual booking.
  • Some of the third-party booking sites it suggests are much more reputable than others, so be sure to do your own due diligence.
  • Given that you can't make a booking directly through Skyscanner, it has very few customer service options.
Jun 12, 2023

Is there any site better than Skyscanner? ›

Sites like Skyscanner allow you to compare flights and airline tickets all year round, but if you can't find the cheap flights you are looking for, alternatives such as Google Flights, Expedia, and Priceline can give you a link to direct flights, car hire or exclusive deals.

What day of the week is best to book a flight? ›

Tuesdays may not be favorable for booking, but if you're hoping to score major savings, booking your departure on a Tuesday or Wednesday is a surefire way to do so. Mid-week flights offer the best deal prices in comparison to flights departing the rest of the week.

What days of the week is airfare the lowest? ›

Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is the cheapest day to fly. If you can structure your travel schedule around these days, these will likely be the best days to fly – both for a lower cost and a less-hectic airport experience.

What months are low airfare? ›

The best time to book flights to the U.S. is during the off-season months of January, February, and November. During these months, flight fares are typically cheaper due to fewer travelers.

Is Kayak a legit website? ›

The travel booking aggregator Kayak is trustworthy. It makes it easy to see prices across platforms and brands. American Way, Hemispheres, CultureMap, JohnnyJet, and more.

Are airline tickets cheaper at midnight? ›

“It all varies, depending on the route you're flying, etc.” That means there isn't one best time to book a flight during the day—and that it's a myth that it's cheapest to book flights at midnight. Save 5% on domestic travel and 10% on international flights.

Do flight prices go up the more you search? ›

Yes, airlines do increase prices if you keep searching the same flight. It's a common practice known as dynamic pricing, which means that the price of a ticket can change depending on how many people are looking for it and when they're looking for it.

What is the most expensive month to fly? ›

Most expensive months to travel: July and December. Unsurprisingly it's more expensive flying to both Central America and South America during the summer and winter months — particularly around the holidays.

Do flight prices drop at the beginning of the month? ›

Prices do not drop based on the month, but more on the destination and the demand for flights during that travel season.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets directly from the airline? ›

If a person does go to the airport in an attempt to buy a last-minute plane ticket, they may find the ticket prices to be immensely higher than if they were to book online. Ultimately, there are no advantages to buying tickets directly at the airport.

Why is it cheaper on Kayak? ›

By booking on Kayak, you can take advantage of "Hacker Fares," which use different airlines to service departure and return flights. These split-airline fares can often lead to the lowest price available, which is not readily apparent when booking directly with the airlines.

Is Kayak cheaper than Expedia? ›

For some destinations, you have the option of a non-stop or layover flight. But in general, nonstop flights with Kayak are far cheaper than those with Expedia, says Openroomz. If you don't want to wait around at the airport, Kayak might be the best pick, depending on your destination.


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