How to buy a Hermès bag: everything you need to know (2023)

How to buy a Hermès bag: everything you need to know (1)

you want to learnHow to buy a Birkin bag?. Your hassle-free search for an exquisiteHermès luxury bagit's much more sophisticated than thatquite high price. Hermès not only handcrafts the world's most coveted luxury handbags, but the company is also incredibly restrictive. This effectively rotated the questionhow do i buyhermes bagan obsession for women all over the world.

Kings, heads of state, executives and celebrities compete fiercely for the chance to buy a Birkin. There are two main paths that lead to the ultimate prize: your very own Birkin. Choose your path according to what gives you more pleasure: the thrill of the hunt or the thrill of the hunt.have.

What makes Hermès bags so special?

Regardless of whether or not you choose to take the arduous, often year-long route to buying a Birkin, there's no denying that this is the case.birkinand thekelly pocketThey are international sensations. But what makes Hermès bags so special that thousands of people around the world look for them?How to buy a Hermès bag?

Hermès bags are made oftop quality leatherand made entirely by hand. Each bag is cut, sewn and polished by a single artisan, trained in the Hermès design house for at least five years, before being entrusted with a Birkin or a Kelly. The work is meticulous and the final quality is simply exquisite.

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But exceptional quality is only part of what makes Hermès bags so desirable. Hermès limits the range of newly manufactured Birkin and Kelly bags. In addition, information about the number of Hermès bags made, in what colors, leathers and styles, and when and where they are allowed to be shipped is kept secret. For security reasons, even the Sales Manager (SM) and Sales Associates (SA) in each Hermès boutique do not know the time or contents of the shipments until the designer bags arrive at the boutique.

Exquisite craftsmanship, extreme scarcity, and a decidedly romantic backstory have theHermès Birkin bagthe most coveted luxury bag.

How to buy a Hermès bag: everything you need to know (2)

Is there a waiting list for the Birkin?

Once upon a time there was an extensive (up to sixYears) Waiting list to buy a Birkin Bag or a Kelly. When you (finally) got a phone call asking you to buy a luxury bag, it may have been a completely different color, leather,Hardware, or size as requested. But woe to the woman who reached for the bag she really wanted! She probably wouldn't get a second chance.

Finally, theHermès Birkin Warteliste bagit was deemed "unfair" and dropped.While some SAs may still offer to put your name on a waiting list for the Birkin bag of your dreams, it's little more than a social nicety with no real promise implied. Even celebrities and the fashion elite fight to get a Birkin like this.

Where can you buy a Birkin bag?

Now comes the big questionwhere to buy a birkin bag?


There are two very different routes to reach your final destination: at a Hermès boutique or at a verified independent retailer. Let's plot your course first if you appreciate the thrill of the hunt.

You cannot buy a Birkin bag on the Hermès website. Instead, you should visit one of the many Hermès boutiques around the world. When you walk into the store, don't expect Birkin bags to be on sale. If you come on the rare occasion of a Birkin on the premises and are deemed worthy by the SA, they will invite you into a private room. A gloved SA brings you a glass of champagne and a single bag from behind. With exceptional luck, there may be two or three bags to choose from.

If we don't have a Birkin bag in stock, can you order one in store? No. There is no way to order a Birkin bag in your size, color, leather and hardware unless you are a Hermès VIP member personally invited for a custom order.Horseshoe Seal Bag. While old customers make requests to their SAs for a specific Birkin, most requests go unfulfilled or take years to fulfill.

How to buy a Hermès bag: everything you need to know (3)

How to buy a Hermès bag in a Hermès boutique

It all starts with building a relationship with a specific Hermès sales representative. After all, with an SA by your side, a lot can be done. You may be notified the next time a delivery arrives. With an exceptional relationship developed over time, your SA may even reserve a Birkin bag for you.

When you walk into the store, the first thing you need to do is find a sales representative who is willing and available to help you. Ideally, a friend or family member will introduce you to someone with whom they are in a relationship. If not, it's random and could affect your ability to buy a Birkin.


Make sure:

  • Dress nicely when you visit the boutique, in Hermès if possible.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the entire Hermès range and specifically the Birkin range.

  • Shop in the same Hermès boutique, ideally from the same SA.

  • Create a purchase history (also known as a "profile"). While you don't have to buy something every time you visit, creating a purchase history is a crucial step toward buying a Birkin bag one day.

  • Shop a wide range of Hermès products so you don't just seem interested in a Birkin bag. Consider buying scarves, belts, jewelry, ready-to-wear, makeup, etc.

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If you've fully demonstrated your love for the entire Hermès brand through many, many purchases in different departments, you're guaranteed a happy SA, but not necessarily a Birkin bag. However, it's been reliably reported that spending a cool six-figure sum at a Hermès boutique can land you some bags reserved for VIPs.

Even after you've cracked the Birkin shopping code, there's no guarantee that the bag will be the one of your dreams. It may be a different size, color or leather Birkin than you expected.

If you want to build a collection of Hermès bags, you must continue to strengthen your relationship with your SA through frequent visits and purchases. Creating this collection will take time: Hermès has a strict "quota" that limits buyers to no more than two luxury bags a year.

If you love the thrill of the hunt, shopping for a Birkin or Kelly bag at an Hermès boutique is for you.

How to buy a Hermès bag: everything you need to know (4)

The best way to buy a Hermès Birkin (or Kelly) bag

Instead of chasing a Birkin or Kelly bag, you actually crave itownWith the beautiful luxury bag, you can do exactly what celebrities and fashionistas around the world do: shop at a trusted, independent Hermès retailer.

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Foundedindependent Hermès distributorsthey have extensive knowledge and experience regarding Hermès bags, although they are not affiliated with Hermès. You buy new and pre-owned Hermès Birkins, Kellys, and other authentic bags from people who bought the bags directly from Hermès boutiques or other retailers. They do not discriminate based on income, celebrity status, or purchase history.

Madison Avenue Couture is America's largest and most trusted online retailer of store-fresh Hermès handbags. We've eliminated the chatter about buying an Hermès bag or creating a collection. Visit the website, select one or moreAuthentic Hermès bag(s))keep them in stock and receive the exact bag(s) you select within 24 hours of completing your purchase. If you can't find the bag of your dreams in our collection, the Madison Avenue Couture bagPorter Servicewill be happy to help you.

Where to buy a Hermès bag? At Madison Avenue Couture.


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