Jura Giga 6 fully automatic coffee machine in the test: price, advantages and disadvantages (2023)

Sophisticated espresso machinesare on the rise.

Every year manufacturers outdo each other in designing and delivering what can be called the best machine in the world.

High-tech coffee machines now fill the shelves of retail stores. You can get some of these for thousands of dollars.

However, real super machines do more than just make coffee.

These machines are superb in form and function.

And when it comes to reliability of design and functionality, very few brands can matchJura GIGA 6.

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Jura GIGA 6 fully automatic coffee machine

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Jura Giga 6 fully automatic coffee machine


In terms of functionality, nothing is as smart as the GIGA 6 coffee machine from Jura. The design is equipped with artificial intelligence that gives you instant access to up to 28 specialty coffee recipes, intelligent preheating and other automatic functions.


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Jura Giga 6 fully automatic coffee machine in the test: price, advantages and disadvantages (2)

Jura is proud of its Swiss heritage. The brand was at its peakTop quality coffee machineDesign since 1931. Like Victorinox and other Swiss brands, Jura stands out for its sophisticated design, precise craftsmanship and unparalleled craftsmanship in its coffee machines. GIGA 6 has all these features in its luggage. Leading the way in the design of innovation in espresso machines.

TheGIGA 6it is proof of Jura's inclination towards constant improvement. We can't believe how much cutting-edge technology is packed into the GIGA 6. There's built-in artificial intelligence that simplifies the selection of coffee according to your preferences. Other notable technologies include smart preheating, smart water system, automatic grinder adjustment, and automatic milk to milk frother, among others. The zero power switch and power saving mode are also notable additions to an already impressive machine.

Using GIGA 6 for the first time requires extensive settings for the desired parameters for each of the 28 programs. However, once you've set everything up, it's a one-touch operation. It also helps a lot that the Jura has already ditched the traditional button-activated LCD screen. It has been replaced by a color screen that has all the functions of a touch screen device. The brand has also redesigned the controls on top of the machine to give it a sleeker and cleaner look.

Given all the innovations in coffee technology in the GIGA 6, you can bet that this machine will be out of reach for the common man. It is one of the most expensive in Jura. It is also one of the hardest. Its track also requires a lot of counter space. However, intuitive operation, reliable operation and elegant design make the Jura GIGA 6 the best espresso machine money can buy.


  • It offers 28 special coffee recipes for everyone
  • The first coffee machine to integrate artificial intelligence into its design
  • Equipped with an intelligent aroma system
  • It includes three different cooking processes in one
  • It comes with the JOE app for remote access
  • Very intuitive and easy to navigate, large color touch screen
  • It comes with a double boiler and pump system for improved efficiency
  • The mill settings are fully automatic
  • The milk jug is already included in the scope of delivery


  • Very difficult
  • Very expensive
  • Mastering recipes can take time
  • No cup warmers
  • It requires careful maintenance
  • The smart app may not be compatible with certain mobile devices

Aesthetics, print and shape

One of the things that will immediately catch your eyeJura GIGA 6is the lack of buttons on the sides of the screen. You will also notice that the LCD is larger at 4.3 inches compared to other coffee machines in the GIGA series. Thanks to the integration of the touchscreen, navigating through the various menus and settings is very easy. The pictures are clear and bright, in case you were wondering.

A number of buttons on the front edge of the top of the coffee machine have also been omitted. What you now have is one big blue backlit button that acts as the machine's rotary switch. This button also replaces the programming button of earlier GIGA models. Open the bezel around the rotary switch and you can access the power button. The power switch is located on the back of the machine.

On the back of the device is Jura's Smart Connect system, which allows you to pair it with the brand's downloadable app. This can further simplify the process of getting an amazing drink, even if you are not in front of the machine.

However, the structural design of the GIGA 6 will not win the hearts of people who want artistic or fancy machines. It has a boxy look and doesn't have the curves that most modern coffee makers have. You get an espresso machine that offers just that: excellent quality coffee. It doesn't matter if you think the machine is ugly or unsightly. For Jura, enjoyment counts whenever you want to drink coffee.

The GIGA 6 requires a desktop that is at least 19 inches deep and 12.5 inches wide. You can forget about owning that super car if you don't have that basic clue. On the plus side, the GIGA 6's footprint is slightly smaller than the othersJura coffee machines. Also, this machine takes up about 19 inches of vertical space, which is again less than some other Jura products. It also weighs 39.7 pounds.

Features and functionalities

If there is such a thing as an ultra-automatic, it would be the Jura GIGA 6. This machine surpasses other so-called super-automatic machines. Even if it doesn't look very flashy, its features and functionalities are more than enough to earn our respect and admiration.

Fast and intelligent beer production technologies

GIGA 6 contains a number of extraordinary and ingenious technologies. For example, there is the Pulse Extraction Process technology, which guarantees the best possible coffee every time. The technology ensures efficient extraction of all flavors and aromas from each coffee bean in the machine's container. It also works well with the Aroma Preservation appliance technology. Another notable technology that works in tandem with PEP is the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System. Such a function releases the magic of coffee beans and fills your nose with the incredible aroma of coffee.

Jura's fine foam technology also gives you the option of preparing milk-based coffee drinks, which is the only way you can get themfamous shop cafes. This technology complements the HP2 milk system that Jura has integrated into the design of the GIGA 6. You can also adjust the temperature settings for milk and milk froth at up to 10 different levels.

GIGA 6 also relies on various systems to prepare excellent coffee. Although there are only three cooking temperature levels, the GIGA 6 makes up for this by ensuring temperature accuracy. You get fantastic coffee of the right strength and temperature.

The artificial intelligence integrated into the GIGA 6 also helps redefine your coffee experience. The technology tracks your beverage preferences and custom settings. This information is used to organize the menu on the screen without requiring your input. This is a smart way to enjoy the coffee of life.

Excellent fit

Customization optionsGIGA 6it can be dizzying at first. WhileGIGA W3Although GIGA 6 has more programs to work with, 28 programs is still great to master. However, Jura has made fine-tuning each of these programs a breeze. Everything is displayed on a bright 4.3-inch screen. And since you can practically move and slide across the screen, it's easy to set the desired coffee settings.

There are many things to program with the GIGA 6. You can program it to turn on and off to get you started. You don't have to run to the kitchen early in the morning to turn on the machine. You can customize it to work the way you want.

One thing we love about the GIGA 6 is the number of coffee strength settings it offers. Most Super Slots can offer you a maximum of 5 levels. GIGA 6 doubles that. This is perfect for more precise fine-tuning of your coffee. Once you're done optimizing your drinks, you can save them to the brew controls on the GIGA 6.

Smart Connect function

It is obvious that Jura is going one step further by adding the Jura Operating Experience platform to the GIGA 6. The system, called JOE, offers more convenience to coffee machine users. Jura JOE is an application that allows you to control and manage everything the machine does. So, if you forgot to set the device's automatic on/off function, you can still turn on the GIGA 6 while you're still in bed.

Amazon product

JOE is connected to the Smart Connect module on the back of the GIGA 6. Unfortunately, as great as the technology is, we ran into some compatibility issues. According to Jura, the JOE app requires a mobile device with at least Android 5.1.1. We have devices with newer versions of Android that are not recognized by the JOE app. Also, the minimum Bluetooth version that the app can work with is 4.0.

If you can run the app on your phone, the Jura JOE system should be an invaluable tool. You can manage the settings and operation of the device within the Bluetooth range. You can also watch helpful videos about GIGA 6 in the app.

High capacity espresso machine

The GIGA 6's 87-ounce water tank capacity is enough to keep everyone in the office hydrated. It is also said to quench thirst in coffee-loving households. Combine that with a 19.8 ounce bean hopper capacity and you have a machine perfect for parties and other social gatherings.

We also love a pair of GIGA 6 bean containers. If you want to create crazy creations, you can put two different types of coffee beans inside. The containers are equipped with a lid to protect the Jura aroma in order to preserve the best qualities of the beans.

The water tank is equipped with the CLEARYL Pro Smart filtration system. The technology monitors the water quality to ensure you only get fresh, clean water in your cup. However, the filter can represent another source of costs for you.

Double mill and thermoblock system

The large capacity of the GIGA 6 would be worthless if the machine did not have an efficient grinding and cooking system. This machine is equipped with two very smart industrial quality grinders that shorten the whole cooking process even more. What is special about it is that the grinding mechanism is so intelligent that manual adjustment is not required. This is the central function of the Jura technology for automatically adjusting the degree of grinding.

The dual grinder and funnel system of the GIGA 6 makes preparing two drinks at the same time child's play. You can also program the brewer with different percentages of coffee from each funnel. With the GIGA 6, it's easy to create coffee styles you can be proud to call your own.

The two-boiler system also features Jura's patented Thermoblock technology. This system not only guarantees faster cooking, but also ensures a more even water temperature for your drinks.

operation, cleaning and maintenance

It is understandable that using the GIGA 6 for the first time will be very intimidating. With so many customization options, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get everything set up. One of the most challenging aspects of setting up the machine is determining the water hardness. With Jura, you can determine the degree of hardness of the water in your system yourself. Fortunately, the company offers tools to determine the hardness of the water in your home. Then you can connect the milk and other necessary accessories to the GIGA 6.

With GIGA 6 you can do various things while preparing coffee. You can change the strength of the coffee or the amount of milk foam or water. However, changing the coffee strength during operation is only possible if you are preparing one cup. Jura also gives you the option to stop the cooking process at any time.

One thing that bothers us about Jura is that the company doesn't offer anythingcup warmerwith GIGA 6. This requires a separate purchase, which can further increase the total cost of machine ownership.

Once you've got everything set up, all you have to do is tap and swipe across the color screen. Since most of us are already quite adept at using our smartphones, navigating the GIGA 6's various menus shouldn't be a problem. This is where the real challenge begins. Imagine that you have 28 different coffee recipes that you need to adapt to your preferences.

Maintaining GIGA 6 is child's play. The machine already has a self-rinse mode that washes and cleans the beverage and milk components every time the machine is turned off and on. Jura also recommends changing the water in the tank daily. Other daily maintenance needs include emptying and hand-rinsing the pulp tank and liquid collection trays.

GIGA 6 also requires regular maintenance, which you can do every 3 months. During this time, you must replace the milk hose and the milk spout. The cup platform and water tank also have to be cleaned at great expense.

Who is this product suitable for? / Should you buy this?

TheJura GIGA 6is for people who want only the best fully automatic coffee machine. The smart features of an espresso machine can redefine people's ideas about practicality. The touch screen makes preparing coffee easy, while the machine's reliable and customizable programming ensures excellent coffee quality every time.

This machine is also suitable for large families or households with heavy drinkers. The large coffee brewing capacity of the GIGA 6 makes it an ideal device for any environment where everyone needs large quantities of coffee. In this sense, the GIGA 6 should also feel comfortable in the office.

Of course, GIGA 6 is only for those who have a lot of money. The technologies integrated in GIGA 6 reach a premium price that not everyone can afford. This espresso machine is also ideal for homes with large kitchens.

If you don't mind the price and are a big coffee drinker, then GIGA 6 is the right choice.

Check out the Jura GIGA 6 here.


Jura GIGA 6 vsI swear by the Z8

In addition to the built-in artificial intelligence, GIGA 6 also has this7 more coffeesPrograms and another millNego Z8. This makes it more capable of meeting the demands of households that consume a lot of coffee. On the other hand, the Z8 is ideal for those who want a super automatic without the high price.


TheJura GIGA 6it is equipped with the latest technology that can add a touch of futurism to any modern kitchen. It's the best coffee maker for tech-savvy coffee lovers who don't mind paying a hefty sum upfront. The convenience that the machine brings is more than enough to compensate for any problems with the price.

Get the Jura GIGA 6 here.

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