Jura S8 fully automatic coffee machine on test - is it worth buying in 2023? (2023)

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It finally happened! Finally, a fully automatic coffee machine that compares to barista coffee at its best is here and you can have it in your home!

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The Jura S8 has enjoyed a great reputation since its introduction. Some experts claim that it is the best coffee maker. You came here to seek the truth and you will find it!

Jura S8 review

Now that you know what to expect, let's get down to the show.

Summary of the Jura S8 fully automatic coffee machine


  • Large, intuitive touch screen
  • It works with both whole beans and ground coffee
  • A large selection of drinks
  • Endless customization options
  • Solid build quality


  • The milk container is separate and not included
  • Smart Connect is not included; You must purchase the receiver separately
  • It's an expensive coffee maker

design and construction

The Jura S8 is a marvel of Swiss design. It represents the next level in coffee machines and is improved over previous versions in every way.

Starting at the top, the Jura S8 has a chrome bean container cover. While many other machines have plastic lids, this chrome lid was specially chosen to protect the freshness of the whole beans. The weight helps keep the seal tight.

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There are two more screens behind the funnel cover. On the left is the opening for pre-ground coffee. This slide bypasses the funnel. This is handy if you want to try another coffee or drink decaffeinated coffee after dinner. You do not need to change the beans in the container. The right side hides the grinding wheel. You have the perfect grinder for every type of coffee bean.

The slot on the left side is 64 fl. or 1.9 l water tank. Inside is a smart filter with an RFID chip. The filter and intelligent water system prevent scale deposits and ensure a cleaner coffee taste.

On the front of the Jura S8 coffee machine there is a large touch screen that has all the options for brewing coffee. Two spouts in the middle allow you to pour a cup or two of coffee at once, and the milk spout on the side connects to the milk system.

The milk frother can dispense milk, water and coffee, so you can make milk-based coffee drinks with just this spout without moving the cup. All spouts are adjustable in height.

Under the spout is a container for collecting liquid. It is connected to a drawer that collects coffee grounds. The soil comes out in thick, dry chunks so there is no mess.

drink options

The Jura S8 fully automatic coffee machine is a marvel of beverage control. It comes with 15 pre-programmed drink options, each of which can be customized and reprogrammed.

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Black Coffee includes ristretto, espresso and coffee, and for these drinks you can choose between single and double doses.

Milk-based drinks include caffè latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, macchiato and more. You can also prepare a mold for milk or hot milk for hot chocolate or other specialty coffee. If you also drink tea, hot water is available for green tea.

The S8 is one of the most versatile mid-range modelsJura coffee machines.

performance of beer

You won't find a better beer maker than this one. The Jura S8 grinds coffee beans with the latest Aroma G3 grinder in the quietest possible way. Seriously, it's very quiet. It is also significantly faster than the built-in grinders of earlier Jura espresso machines.

As a mid-range Jura coffee machine, the S8 uses Jura's latest Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology.

The pulse extraction process is a unique patented technology that blows hot water through the coffee grounds to extract the coffee aroma. This type of cooking preserves the maximum airy taste in each cup. It works similarly to pre-infusion in the beer brewing process. A small amount of hot water moistens the coffee, causing the grounds to swell and aromas to develop.

the quality of the drink

The most surprising thing about the Jura S8 is the big difference in the quality of the drink compared to other fully automatic coffee machines.

Thanks to the Pulse extraction process mentioned above, each cup will be rich and powerful. It constantly ensures the perfect foam and balanced taste of your espresso. You will never go back to coffee from another machine.

The milk frother is also an impressive example of the high quality of this espresso machine. You can enjoy drinks with steamed milk or with foamed milk. Depending on the drink, the Jura S8 even switches to the first pour of milk or coffee to achieve the best effect.

For making a cappuccino, for example, the S8 creates a much fluffier foam that you can pick up with a spoon and hold with the spoon without falling or losing shape. And the machine first prepares the milk and then squirts over the milk foam.

When you make a latte macchiato, it first froths the milk and then lets the milk foam sit for 30 seconds before making the espresso. Thus, the final product will have a nice three layers.

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When brewing white beer, draw the mug first, then add the fine microform. Whether you're making espresso macchiato, caffe latte or any other beverage, the professional fine foam attachment will give you barista-quality drinks, just like the ones you get in coffee shops.

interface design

Brewing coffee has never been easier. The Jura S8 is an elegant and simple device with the latest technologies that provide you with additional support.

The extra large touch screen is color and very responsive. The eight most common coffee drinks are displayed on the Jura S8's home screen, the other eight can be accessed via the button in the upper right corner. If you want to set in advance, all you have to do is place the cup and press the button.

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Let's say you want to make a cappuccino. You have milk, water and coffee beans ready. Now all you have to do is place a glass under the frother, set the frother to the cappuccino setting and select the cappuccino option.

But wait, let's say you use a smaller jar than usual. Press the cappuccino button until the options open. From there you can adjust the amount you want. You can even reduce the foam to get the same amount of coffee.

If you entered the settings incorrectly and the drink starts to overflow, simply cancel the process or adjust the settings while pouring.


Programming the Jura S8 is easy. Long press any drink or click the P icon to change the saved options for each drink.

Each drink can be fully customized. You have ten coffee strength settings. That's more than many other coffee machines. You can also easily adjust the temperature, amount of coffee, time (amount) of milk, type of milk (there is a wheel on the frother to switch from frothed to steamed) and cream.

You can also rename any drink, save your favorite settings, preset it to brew one or two drinks, copy, delete and add new coffee recipes to the main page. Then you can brew barista-quality coffee at the push of a button.

In addition, pressing the P key takes you to all options such as cleaning, product settings, shop, statistics and instructions.

If you and a family member like to drink espresso in the morning but want to prepare it differently, you can program individual presets for two of the same drinks and then add them to the 8 most frequently used ones.

Let's say you like a strong, hot espresso and your partner likes a lighter, frothy espresso. Just choose an espresso drink, choose settings, choose a funny name, replace one of the 8 most common drinks with it and voila, a new preset. Do the same with your partner's drink and you'll have two pre-made espressos with different preferences.

Maintenance and cleaning

The Jura S8 does all the cleaning and maintenance work for you. After the coffee is brewed, it forms a thick lump that is placed in the drawer inside the machine. Because the puck is stable, there's no loose bottom to fiddle with, and the machine will alert you when the bowl is full, so you don't even have to check.

The coffee system can be cleaned with a special Jura cleaning tablet. Place one in the container for ground coffee and set the machine to automatic cleaning. The cleaning cycle is fast and efficient, reaching all the parts you can't reach.

Thanks to the smart filter with an RFID chip, you don't have to worry about descaling your Jura S8. The filter softens hard water and removes heavy minerals that would otherwise accumulate in the machine. Your Jura will tell you when it needs to be replaced.

The Jura S8 comes with a small tray and milk frother cleaning solution. Pour the cleaning solution into one part of the tub, insert the inlet end of the hose, then align the other part of the tub under the nozzle. The automatic cleaning cycle washes away all milk residues.

More great features

Some of the special features of the Jura S8 include a two-year warranty that covers parts and labor, sensors for everything and ordering via smart devices.

The warranty is great because there are no additional costs for you and it guarantees a perfect product.

The water filter, milk frother, liquid collection container and sediment container have sensors that tell you when they need to be changed, cleaned and emptied. You never have to check because the machine does it for you. It even detects when you use it without a filter.

The Jura S8 has an app that gives you access to all the settings and options of the coffee machine. You can customize it right from your phone and even enable voice commands for pre-orders. However, to enable this feature, you need to purchase a Bluetooth receiver accessory. Not included in purchase.

Is the Jura S8 worth the price?

In short, the Jura S8 is more expensive than other mid-range Jura models, but if you're even considering getting a Jura, then go for the S8.

Thanks to its larger touchscreen, multitude of beverage options, ease of maintenance and adaptability, the Jura S8 is miles ahead of other Jura machines, let alone other brands. You may not be able to try it now, but believe me the difference in taste alone is worth buying the Jura S8.

This machine will last forever. It is better quality, better designed and built with better quality parts than any other machine. Apart from buying a professional espresso machine, you will not find a better machine.

Jura S8 alternative

If, inexplicably, you're already in no rush to buy a Jura S8, here are some alternatives you might like. These machines are quite similar except for a few aspects here and there.

Jura E8

Last update 26.08.2023 /If you purchase through the links as an Amazon Associate, Brewcoffeehome will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

The Jura E8 is very similar to the Jura S8, but comes at a slightly lower price. It has similar beverage options to the Jura S8, but with a small touchscreen, plus physical buttons and less customization options.

The design is almost identical to the Jura S8 except for the points mentioned above.

Breville BES990BSS Oracle Touch

Last update 26.08.2023 /If you purchase through the links as an Amazon Associate, Brewcoffeehome will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

The Breville Oracle is a cafe-style coffee maker that also features a touch screen, two boilers and a professional steam tube. It offers many of the same personalization options as Jura products. You can change the strength, temperature, texture of the milk for each drink and even name the stored drinks, just like the Jura S8.

Overall, it's less glamorous than the Jura S8 and lacks any smart features. However, if you want to show off your barista skills instead of making coffee at the push of a button, this is your choice.

Saeco Xelsis super automatic espresso machine

Last update 26.08.2023 /If you purchase through the links as an Amazon Associate, Brewcoffeehome will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Try the Saeco Xelsis to find the perfect middle ground between the Jura S8 and the Breville Oracle. This machine has the same double spout (albeit with more space than the Oracle), the same milk frother and the same touch screen.

Xelsis is a wizard for programming beverage settings. It has the usual temperature, volume, ratio and milk controls like other machines, but it also has something that even the Jura S8 doesn't have: a profile. Each user can save their favorite drinks to their profile for easy access.

Verdict -Who is the Jura S8 suitable for?

Jura S8 is suitable for coffee lovers who like to prepare delicious coffee without much effort. With this automatic espresso machine, you no longer have to spend money in coffee shops. Everyone deserves such good coffee.

The only limitations you may face are price and counter space. Although the Jura S8 is not huge, it takes up quite a bit of space.

Between the huge touchscreen full of amazing and customizable blends and the exceptional coffee drinks, the Jura S8 shows what coffee can be. It is the best coffee maker you will ever have.


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