What are triadic colors and how are they used? Explanation of triadic color schemes (2023)

What are triadic colors and how are they used? Explanation of triadic color schemes (1)

Triadic colors are a color scheme that uses three colors combined to create a fun, vibrant feel. When used correctly, they can be fun and easy on the eyes. Once you understand exactly what triadic colors are and how to use them, you'll enjoy making them part of your color arsenal when it comes to photography, interior design, painting, or other artwork.

What are triadic colors?

To understand triadic colors, you need to think about thebasic color wheel. Triadic colors are sets of three colors that are equally spaced from each other on the color wheel. When placed side by side, a set of triadic colors can be interesting and lively.

Triadic colors are easy to identify on the color wheel. Find them by placing an equilateral triangle on the color wheel. Each point in the triangle will point to a color. When these three colors are combined together, you have a traditional triadic color scheme. The following are perfect examples of triadic color combinations:

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  • Rojo,Yellow, miblue
  • Purple,verdes, miOrange
  • Blue violet,Red orange, miYellow green
  • purplish red,Orange yellow, miBlue green

Whenever you use triadic colors in a project, it's best to keep them balanced. For example, when decorating, choose one of the three colors as the main color and use the others as accent colors. By learning to use triadic color schemes, you will be able to achieve the perfect balance.

How to use triadic color schemes

What are triadic colors and how are they used? Explanation of triadic color schemes (2)

A color scheme describes a selection of colors from the color wheel that are used in art and decoration. Color schemes use specific colors on the wheel based on their location. There are seven color schemes in total. This includes triadic colors as well asanalogous,additional,split-complement,rectangular (tetradic),square, mimonochrome colors.

Many of these color schemes are self-explanatory and easy to use. All you have to do is identify them and get to work. Triadic colors require a bit more thought and care, but they can be very powerful. This means that proper use of a triadic color scheme allows you to create joyful, vivid results in photography, painting, interior design, and other crafts. Unfortunately, if you use them incorrectly, the result is quite unpleasant for the eyes.

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Use triadic colors equally

When you use triadic colors in equal parts, the result is a wonderful child appeal. A good example of this is when they are used in a child's bedroom or playroom. Designers, parents, and teachers love to wear red, blue, and yellow. This is the primary triadic color scheme. All three colors are bold and when used on children they can be stimulating and exciting. It's a color scheme that definitely draws attention. This is hard to do with toddlers and preschoolers if you stick tocolor pastelschematics.

Use of muted triadic colors

What are triadic colors and how are they used? Explanation of triadic color schemes (3)

Don't let the idea that triadic colors are extremely vibrant keep you from using them. There are ways to mitigate the effect. Narrow down your triadic color scheme by using one of the three colors as the dominant color and the other two as secondary colors. Using your equilateral triangle, position it on the color wheel pointing to the color you want to use as your foreground color. The other two points of the triangle will be in your other two colors or secondary colors.

Whether painting, decorating, or taking a photo, make sure the main color covers most of the area. The other two should be used in smaller portions. This desaturates two of the triadic colors in your scheme for the most cohesive blend.

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Triadic Colors in Decoration

What are triadic colors and how are they used? Explanation of triadic color schemes (4)

Interior designers use triadic colors quite often when decorating. Any homeowner can learn how to use triadic color schemes correctly to achieve professional results on all their DIY projects. We've already discussed using a bold primary triadic color scheme for vibrant children's areas, but these color sets can be used beautifully in any setting.

Most interior designers will use the trick of choosing one of the three colors as the main one, with the other two as accents. For example, you can achieve a beautiful bedroom in the French countryside by using the same colors of red, blue and yellow as in a child's bedroom. The first thing to do is choose pastel shades of these colors instead of the bold primary versions. Think butter yellow, dusty blue, and a red so soft it's almost pink. Paint the walls butter yellow. Use this same color for bedding and windows, but choose fabrics that incorporate a soft blue print. Florals work perfectly, especially if there is also a pink undertone to the pattern. Complete the look by using red on cushions, frames, and other small pieces.

Let your imagination run wild as you discover all the triadic color schemes available to you. Think about how these colors will look together in their brighter shades, and also how they might work together in softer shades. The more comfortable you feel using these colors, the more creative you can get.

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Photography and Triadic Colors

What are triadic colors and how are they used? Explanation of triadic color schemes (5)

Using triadic color schemes in photography can be a bit more challenging. When you use triadic colors in man-made creations, you have complete control over tones, tints, and proportions. Finding the perfect triadic colors in nature isn't that easy, but when you find the perfect balance of triadic colors, you can take an image that's easy on the eyes with lots of contrast.

While it's easier to create your own triadic color scene than to find it naturally, it's not impossible. Start by choosing a triadic color scheme that you like. Again, we'll use the triadic colors red, blue, and yellow as an example. Once you find the triadic colors you like, memorize them. So you go out into the world as a detective looking for those colors.

If you're just starting out, you'll have an easier time finding your triadic colors in an urban setting than in rural areas. Walking down a city street, you'll find that your triadic colors are used more often than you'd expect. They can be found in a parking lot where a car is its primary color and the building in the background uses its secondary colors. Storefront and billboard advertising often uses a triadic color scheme to please the eye while also grabbing your attention.

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After a little practice, your eye will pick up triadic colors more easily. At this point, head out into nature. Look in forests and flower gardens for triadic color schemes. You'll be amazed at how ordinary they really are, and when you take the perfect photo of a large red rose with buttercups and blue blossoms in the blurred background, all your hard work will surely pay off in one amazing piece of art.

Don't run away from triadic colors

Don't be afraid to use triadic colors in your creative projects. While they may seem intimidating at first, you'll love the results you can achieve. Balance is key no matter where you use a triadic color scheme. Consider color proportions, lighting, and location. When used correctly, triadic colors are extremely rewarding.


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